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      Scenic spots

      Poyang lake national wetland park have generation protect fishermen are the embodiment of god turtle, turtle mountain brain are migratory birds habitat to the survival of the crane garden, have a natural school of popular science education have great scientific and artistic value of wetlands in the science museum, have the best of passion, water park, there are extremely rare deer populations, incarnate the swan dance performances, the wild goose's spectacular share, there are the most valuable cormorant fishing fishing culture show, more 360 degree of the whole landscape bird bird machine and so on.. Here, travelers can listen away from the hustle and bustle of the city, listen to the sounds of birds, and enjoy the beauty of the wetlands.

      Turtle Mountain


      It is said that it is the incarnation of the tortoise, and the generations follow the Rao to protect the local fishermen to be able to adjust the weather and peace, while the statue of Rao Goddess next to it is to commemorate the filial piety among the twelve great women in ancient China. The saying of the goddess of Penghu.

      Scoop mountain


      A small island in the middle of Poyang Lake, like a small water scoop in the Poyang Lake, local fishermen call it "Shanli Mountain", mainly for summer migratory bird habitat. The northern part is white, mainly the egrets; the south is inhabited by the gray-colored heron, which is dominated by the pond heron and heron. The main reason is related to the terrain of the mountain. The northern part of the mountain is gentle, the south is steep, the egret likes to be gentle, the pond heron likes the cliff cliff, and the two sides form a mountain-white bird wonder.

      Dragon roar mountain


      Dragon roar mountain is a five or six kilometers of mountains, because its whole like a dragon mouth roar. The dragon roar mountain gathers the aura of poyang lake. The upper lip, lower lip and throat of the dragon extend into the water, just like the dragon head roaring with its mouth open. Standing at the top of the dragon roar, it can be seen that it is a huge dragon composed of numerous hillsides, stretching for more than ten kilometers. When Chen youliang and zhu yuanzhang fought against poyang lake, zhu yuanzhang's army was stationed here. There are also the ruins of the tomb of hongmai, hongmai is the song duan mingdian bachelor, as a diligent learned scholar, hongmai life dabbled in a large number of books, and developed the habit of making notes. When I was reading a book, I would write down what I had learned, and the results of more than 40 years later formed the essay of rongzhai, which has influenced the Chinese political and literary circles for about 700 years.

      Crane garden



      Crane is tens of millions of years earlier than the human birds, with habitat destruction, has become the world's endangered species, scenic area in order to save some of the old and weak, sick and disabled, the construction of crane park. Some wild cranes are reluctant to leave after being carefully taken care of by the rescuers. They become resident birds and the crane garden becomes the paradise on which they live.

      Aquatic botanical garden


      Poyang lake national wetland park aquatic botanical garden, with a total investment of about 20 million yuan, covers an area of 70000 square meters, including a kind of wet plant, swamp vegetation, jade lotus, water lily, lotus and so on more than 60 aquatic plants, is a collection of scientific research, species conservation, popular science education and tourism and leisure functions is a body comprehensive aquatic botanical garden.

      Wetland science museum


      Wetland as the theme in the whole structure, through the collection, preservation, display and research on behalf of wetland ecosystem and wetland cultural heritage objects, using wetland scene reconstruction and sound and light technology, and with the strong public participation on wetland resources of science, art, value system, in order to achieve the wetland science mission.

      The mermaid,


      Merman road is a semi-submersible glass railing structure. People walk underwater while fish swim in the water to experience the diversity of fish in poyang lake from zero distance.

      Swan lake


      The artificial domestication of migratory birds in the swan lake, including black swan, large white swan and gray swan, has enriched the rare migratory bird population of poyang lake, improved the ecological resource structure of poyang lake, provided species resources for the study of rare animals, and provided a real case for science education. All rare birds live and perform in the swan lake all the year round, and breed offspring to further restore the bird population structure of poyang lake wetland. Swan breeding and adoption are also features of the program. Swans have a habit of learning that the first thing they see after birth is their mother. In April 2011, 24 grey swans, the first batch of migratory birds in poyang lake national wetland park, were incubated in the incubation building.

      Elk Court


      In order to realize the local protection of milu deer and gradually restore the original functions and biological diversity of poyang lake wetland, the scenic area has set up a special "milu deer garden" to build a new 主页 of 450 mu, equipped with a sound scientific research management area, domestication and breeding area and field training area, so as to protect the milu deer population in poyang lake.

      High - altitude bird - watching platform


      hehigh-altitude bird watching platform is a new type of open viewing platform in the scenic area, which is composed of bird watching pavilion and bird watching square. The overall building has a transparent and clear visual penetration effect, and integrates with the nature and the surrounding environment to meet the requirement of 360-degree landscape bird.





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